Chapter 169: The First Prince who’d Invested A Lot

Chapter 169: The First Prince who’d Invested A Lot

In the middle of the stage, Dan Fei’s painted brows moved slightly as she smiled. “Alright, first, we will go by the usual rules. Everyone will present their birthday gifts and when all the gifts have been presented, the lordmaster will personally choose three and award them places. Those who are awarded these places can ask the lordmaster questions and seek his guidance. First place can ask two questions. Second and third can both ask one. These are the rules, is everyone clear?”

“Sister Dan Fei, we all know these rules.”

“Yes, sister Dan Fei. Let’s start with presenting the gifts! This time, I’m going to place no matter what the cost!”

Standing behind Ye Rong, Jiang Chen looked at the expressions that yearned for action amidst the fervent atmosphere, thinking that all of this was a bit strange.

Logically speaking, for such an erudite and otherworldly person like the lordmaster, how the birthday gifts from these youths interest him at all? And to list this as a regular segment that recurred every year?

No matter how he looked at it, Jiang Chen didn’t think the honored tutor was a man who craved riches.

But if he wasn’t someone who lusted after wealth, Jiang Chen didn’t understand it why he would place such importance on this segment either.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but cast a curious and surprised...

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