Chapter 1689: Peak Great Emperor

Time spent in the Eternal Sacred Land was surprisingly peaceful. Only a few probationary disciples were around. The others were journeying to experience the world, leaving only Jiang Chen and Yan Qingsang the only two probationary disciples here.

The two of them took to their new life like a duck to water.

Jiang Chen began digesting the Emperor Supremacy Pill. Time was marching inexorably forward. He believed that right now was the best time to breakthrough.

Instinct told him that Xiahou Zong was likely to end closed door cultivation before the sword competition for geniuses next year. Jiang Chen didn’t have a lot of time, but one year was long enough for him to prepare.

He was quite confident that he’d be able to reach peak great emperor in a month. Even if he needed more time, it wouldn’t be that much longer.

Yan Qingsang also threw himself into cultivating under Jiang Chen’s guidance. He improved himself...

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