Chapter 1688: The Eternal Sacred Land

The one hour they spent together undid several emotional knots that Ling Bi’er had been nursing. The three of them were able to open up more to one another.

Huang’er was greatly moved when she heard that Jiang Chen had decided to join the Eternal Sacred Land because of her.

“Don’t worry, Huang’er. I’ll be prepared. Even if Xiahou Zong exits his cultivation tomorrow, I’ll do everything I can to take you away.”

“I trust you, Brother Chen. I’ll rather die in your arms than take a single step into Xiahou territory.” Huang’er was as determined as he was.

Jiang Chen felt much better after validating each other’s feelings again. He was a little less worried about going to the sacred land, but at the same time his new promise was another weight added to his shoulders.

The Eternal Sacred Land was the most powerful faction in Eternal Divine Nation. Even the royal family of the nation was raised in the sacred land.

It was a big...

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