Chapter 1686: A Judgement From An Advantageous Position

His productivity and quality were both incredibly high, with even more incredible speed of refinement. Jiang Chen’s results had overturned the observers’ collective understanding of the Mirage Introspection Pill in every respect.

His refinement finished, the young man placed the fifteen pills before the neutral judges. “Everyone,” he smiled faintly, “actions speak louder than words. These are the results from my refinement. Please review them.”

He’d intentionally increased his volume to attract the Jade Lake Sect’s attention.

Several pill dao masters from the sect had participated in the battle, but none of them had even started on the finishing stages of the refinement process, let alone be completely done. These words made a mockery of their efforts.

They’d desperately wanted to prove that he’d been dishonest, but he’d used the simplest and most aboveboard process to slap them in the face. And they, so-called upright and true pill masters, were showing everyone that no one was even close to finishing. 


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