Chapter 1685: Old Immortal Brightstar

The second battle over the Mirage Introspection Pill was several magnitudes larger and more important than the last. This time, even the Jade Lake Sect’s heavyweights were present. Almost every expert from the sect was here, and a few other invited pill dao greats as well.

They were in clear disbelief that Silverstripe Grass could replace Illusory Spirit Grass. How could a truth that was public knowledge be so easily overturned?

The battle was held in a place neutral to both sides. Leading on Jade Lake’s side was Old Immortal Brightstar. He was an ancient savant of the sect who’d lived for many, many years. Within his sect, he was considered the best of the best. His presence here showed the gravity that the Jade Lake had assigned to the situation.

“Daoist Ziju, I have no intention of offending the sacred land with this battle. It’s solely my fixation with pill dao technique alone. I want to solidify our current authoritative understanding of the Mirage Introspection Pill once and for all....

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