Chapter 1684: Brothers Come To Terms

Yan Qingsang’s anger dissipated as quickly as it had come. The heat of the moment had gotten the better of him. Once he calmed down, rational analysis from Jiang Chen’s point of view enabled him to understand his friend better.

How could the undying bonds of love be broken so easily? Any hot-blooded man wouldn’t sit idly by while another robbed him of his beloved. And as a cultivation vessel, to boot!

Such an end was perhaps the cruelest of all. It would cost the girl both her chastity and life. As a man himself, Yan Qingsang found it equally unacceptable.

Thus, he understood Jiang Chen after his fury subsided. He had opposed Shao Yuan’s approach of Huang’er in the beginning because he considered the other youth a brother. He didn’t want Shao Yuan to die uselessly, nor did he want a mishap to occur to the house’s fortunes.

Now that he knew the truth, compassion welled up. Huang’er had always been his cousin, and he’d been upset at the whims of fate from the start. Alas, he hadn’t had the strength to alter it himself.

But Huang’er’s...

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