Chapter 1683: A Heart-to-Heart

Silence stretched on.

The others were rendered speechless by the patriarch’s words, despite any dislike they might’ve had for Shao Yuan.

What else could they possibly say? The young man had contributed greatly to the house despite his short period of time with the family. And when he left, he imparted another great favor even though he’d been furious with them. No one could find any fault in his treatment of others.

At the same time, some were secretly jealous of Yan Qingsang. The boy had always been mediocre, but he’d been blessed with great fortune again and again after the trip to the Bluesmoke Isles. His good luck was unstoppable.

Yan Wanjun had already stormed away in anger, but someone brought the news to him immediately.

He sighed with resignation when he heard that Shao Yuan was going to join the Eternal Sacred Land. “How can a family as big as House Yan have no place for a genius with a different surname? Is there...

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