Chapter 1682: Joining the Eternal Sacred Land

Jiang Chen was wrapping his mind around Ziju Min’s point. The Eternal Sacred Land was the core faction of Eternal Divine Nation. If House Xiahou was left unchecked, it’d grow to be a threat.

Xiahou Zong claiming to be the top genius of the nation was a blatant insult. The subtle currents of tension between the two factions were obvious enough, despite them never being voiced aloud. Jiang Chen was naturally sharp enough to figure out Ziju Min’s point without further prompting.

“Xiahou Zong is extraordinary, Senior Ziju, but I believe it’s not impossible to surpass him. I’m confident even though I haven’t ascended into empyrean realm yet. I’ll be even more confident once I do.” Jiang Chen really did think so.

Since Ziju Min had asked, he didn’t want to put himself down to appear humble, especially not when Xiahou Zong was the one he was comparing himself to.

Ziju Min was rather surprised. If they were discussing talent in pill dao, he wouldn’t...

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