Chapter 1681: A New Way of Thinking

Ziju Min smiled, then spoke once more. “Patriarch Yan, I’d like to speak with young Shao Yuan once more in private. Would that be alright? Don’t worry, I won’t take your treasured genius from you by force. If he’s unwilling, I won’t coerce him.”

The patriarch knew that this was a request he couldn’t refuse.

“I will take you to him.” He nodded in acquiescence.

“After you.”

They arrived at Yan Qingsang’s living quarters very quickly.

Ziju Min furrowed his brows slightly. He didn’t expect such a slight against a genius of Shao Yuan’s caliber. Did the boy not deserve even his own residence? Why was he bunking with Yan Qingsang? Not that the conditions were really so bad, but this detail alone reflected the absurd treatment House Yan was giving Shao Yuan.

“Patriarch Yan. I don’t mean to criticize the way you do things here, but you really do seem to be neglecting Shao Yuan here.” The pill sovereign exhaled, then shook his head several times.

The patriarch was regretting this as well. Ziju Min was absolutely right; a genius that even the...

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