Chapter 1680: Ziju Min Comes to Visit

“Alright,” the patriarch sighed. “Vote if you will on the matter of Shao Yuan. When you’re done, I’m sure he’ll be already gone. According to my sources, Master Ziju Min of the Eternal Sacred Land had Shao Yuan over his private residence after the contest. He extended an invitation at the time, but was politely refused.”

“What? Shao Yuan refused the sacred land’s invitation?” Yan Wanzhong gasped in astonishment.

“He absolutely did. But, apparently Master Ziju promised him that the door is always open whenever he wishes it.”

Hiss! Everyone drew a sharp breath.

Here they were, discussing whether they should keep Shao Yuan, but the young man already had a better potential home. He hadn’t gone solely due to emotional attachments. If the family really wanted to push Shao Yuan away, he still wouldn’t be forced to go to House Xiahou at all!

“Yan Wanyou, perhaps this is the result you want?” Yan Wanzhong glanced at the named elder meaningfully, breaking into a faint smile.

Yan Wanyou was indeed stunned...

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