Chapter 168: Lordmaster Ye with the Invincible Aura

Chapter 168: Lordmaster Ye with the Invincible Aura

“Younger brother Jiang, you were too impulsive.” Tian Shao sighed when the first prince’s men left. “You shouldn’t have agreed to the demonstration.”

“Jiang Chen, Xin Wudao is one of the ten generals of the Dragonteeth Guard. His training is foremost amongst the ten generals. He’s had many wondrous twists of fortune on his path of martial dao training, and he’s already broken through into the spirit realm. He numbers amongst the top select experts in the younger generation within the capital.” Ye Rong was quite worried. “If he issues a challenge later, I’ll find an excuse to reject it. Ten years is not too late for a gentleman to see his revenge.”

“Ten years?” Jiang Chen shook his head. “A gentleman cannot be cowed easily. Although I, Jiang Chen, am no particular gentlemen, I know that losses cannot be suffered overnight. Ten years for revenge? I can’t wait that long.”

“Ai, younger brother Jiang, this is an obvious trap that they’ve set for you and they’re waiting for you to jump in it.” Tian Shao still wanted to persuade Jiang Chen to give the match up.

“The distinction between geniuses and mediocrity lies in that although knowing full well there’s a trap there, geniuses...

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