Chapter 1679: Jiang Chen’s Ire

Yan Wanjun had suffered the most at the hands of House Xiahou. His youngest son had been forced into suffering for all eternity in the Boundless Prison. His most talented granddaughter had been cursed since young. Though the Generation Binding Curse had been lifted, her fate was still decided.

And now, House Xiahou had its sights set on Shao Yuan, someone his grandson had plainly benefited greatly from becoming brothers with.

If that happened, Yan Wanjun knew that Yan Qingsang would lose another strong companion that the boy could depend on. Age and experience had made him observant. He could see that his grandson had improved immensely in all areas ever since Shao Yuan came into his life.

One took on the color of their company. Even the most ill-tempered man would improve after being with someone well-rounded. Shao Yuan was clearly someone who could make Yan Qingsang better.

The only one Yan Wanjun could pin any hope...

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