Chapter 1678: Three Great Matters

Almost every executive was present in the house gathering hall. House Yan’s young geniuses were in attendance as well.

Yan Qingsang grabbed a chair to sit down with. As someone with reasonable importance in the house now, Jiang Chen too had a seat to himself.

Taking a casual glance at the patriarch, he found some worry to be present between the man’s brows. Had House Yan encountered a large stumbling block?

Jiang Chen was perturbed. He didn’t care about anything that happened to House Yan, save for Xiahou Zong opening his doors. He absolutely couldn’t accept any attempt to take away Huang’er. 

As long as that wasn’t the case, he had ways of dealing with everything else.

“Since everyone’s here, I’ll cut to the chase. I felt that everyone should know about several of the emergencies that the family is facing.

“Firstly, our land near Cloud Camel Mountain, the part that borders on House Feng territory, has seen numerous supernatural manifestations. House Feng has sent a large group of their elites to encroach on our territory....

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