Chapter 1677: Marriage Refusal, Another Breakthrough

The entirety of House Yan was shocked that Ziju Min had taken Jiang Chen away. After a summary of the birthday banquet, both the patriarch and the elders came to understand the depths of the young man’s true potential.

It wasn’t easy to stand out in that kind of pill dao contest. And yet, the unfathomable, talented young man had left with Ziju Min.

“What were you doing, Zhenhuai? Why didn’t you pay more attention to him and stop him from going?” The patriarch was rather regretful.

“I was mingling with other guests in the House Xiahou manor, patriarch. I only knew afterwards that sage younger brother Shao Yuan had been taken away.”

“Why didn’t you stop him, Yan Qingsang?” The venerated elder Yan Wanjun growled with a scowl, glaring at his grandson.

Yan Qingsang pouted as he had his own reasons. “What’s wrong with all of you? Isn’t it a good thing for Brother Shao Yuan to win Master Ziju’s approval? I thought about it and felt this would be the best outcome....

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