Chapter 1676: Master Ziju Min’s Invitation

The rest of the banquet was a stage for all the best geniuses of the prominent factions. Most of them were also expert hands at socializing, and worked together to raise the atmosphere to new heights.

Abnormally, Jiang Chen lay low and observed from the side.

Yan Zhenhuai on the other hand, was reasonably well-known and accepted. Many geniuses were more willing to make his acquaintance. His talent was ranked highly among the younger generation in Eternal as a whole—regardless of his affiliation and house.

House Yan was declining, but Yan Zhenhuai was on the rise.

Yan Qingsang had no interest in putting himself in the middle of the activity. He was content to converse by Jiang Chen’s side. 

The banquet concluded amidst a bustling atmosphere. Jiang Chen and Yan Qingsang readied themselves to leave. If courtesy wasn’t a consideration, the former would’ve left a time ago.

“Young friend, may I have a moment?” As he strode out of House Xiahou’s gates, a voice called out behind him. Jiang...

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