Chapter 1674: A Contest of Practical Application

Pang Wei’s reaction irked Ziju Min. As the authority from the Eternal Sacred Land, he was the one who made the rules for the contest and was entitled to make judgement calls as he saw fit. As a young genius, Pang Wei should’ve listened instead of questioning him.

“Pill dao never stops advancing,” he remarked noncommittally. “Truth is not a constant. If you can prove through practice that the Illusory Spirit Grass is the best choice, your victory will be unquestionable. That will also be in line with the purpose of the contest. You’re the host and the star of the day, Ying’er. What do you say?”

Though Xiahou Ying didn’t like either of the two factions, she was immensely put out with Pang Wei for his arrogance. That he’d dared to question Ziju Min’s decision was especially upsetting.

Ziju Min was her master, the organizer of the pill dao contest and the rulemaker. How dare Pang Wei...

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