Chapter 1673: Challenging Authority

Xiahou Ying didn’t want to make the decision. She didn’t like either of the two. One she detested, the other she hated. Neither was her choice of a winner.

She shook her head after some hesitation. “You should be the one to decide, teacher.”

Seeing that she didn’t have an opinion, Ziju Min nodded after a pause. “If that’s the case, they’ll both write down their answers on paper. If both turn out to be correct, they’ll each get ten points. If either answers incorrectly, we’ll subtract ten points from the wrong one.”

Xiahou Ying considered the solution viable. She nodded. “As you say, teacher.”

Ziju Min smiled faintly and turned to Duan Zhiyuan, national advisor of Eternal Divine Nation.

“What do you think, Advisor Duan?”

Duan Zhiyuan was deferential to Ziju Min. He smiled. “Since it’s about pill dao, Brother Ziju should be the one in charge. I’m here merely as a guest. It’d be inappropriate for me to intervene.”

Ziju Min chuckled. “Advisor Duan...

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