Chapter 1671: The Trinonary Sages’ Puzzle

Everyone restored their original expectations for Yan Qingsang. He was just a two-bit character in House Yan after all! There was no need to pay him much attention.

After every question, Ziju Min secretly focused his attention in Yan Qingsang. When the young man failed to reply time and time again, he felt rather disappointed. He’d thought there was an opportunity to excavate a pill dao genius. Perhaps the youth really had just been lucky.

Xiahou Ying was very pleased at Yan Qingsang’s now lackluster performance. House Yan trash is just trash after all. He lucked out on the previous answers, but he’s wilted now. Yan Qingsang is just an ant, so I suppose it wasn’t easy for him to even make the showing he did at the beginning. Glad he knows his place, hmph…

She had no desire to see Yan Qingsang perform with any degree of excellence.

They were now on the seventh question. Jiang Chen’s strategy of playing dead hadn’t changed. If Yan Qingsang was too showy in the competition and garnered...

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