Chapter 1670: The Way of Balance

Yan Qingsang’s performance was so striking it amazed even Ziju Min. He stared at Yan Qingsang deeply, unable to believe his ears.

“Your name is Yan Qingsang, isn’t it?” he asked after a deep breath.

“Yes, this junior is Yan Qingsang.”

“You’ve correctly answered two questions in a row. Where does your knowledge of pill dao come from? Has House Yan been hiding deep foundations in pill dao all along?” Curiosity had flared to life about this sudden competency. The two questions might not seem particularly difficult, but they took a stunning amount of experience and understanding to answer correctly.

“Senior Ziju, it’s happenstance that I’m able to answer the two questions. Some time ago, I went to the Bluesmoke Isles for the jade festival and received some heritage from ancient jade. One of them was from a pill dao senior, which contained many of his memories about pill dao. Therefore...”

The crowd broke into a furor of discussion....

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