Chapter 1669: Eyes Bulging with Shock

Yan Zhenhuai couldn’t be more surprised by Yan Qingsang’s actions. At the same time, he was concerned. He hoped the younger genius knew what he was doing, or he’d be asking for humiliation.

Yan Qingsang had become the center of everyone’s attention. Even the top geniuses looked at him with bafflement.

Had the unreliable kid from House Yan lost his mind? The first question was plainly very difficult. Clearly it was meant to intimidate the contestants. How dared he raise his hand? Did his boldness stem from ignorance?

The crowd looked on with different expressions. Some scoffed derisively, some expected him to make a scene. Others considered him with a frown, trying to discern if he knew the answer, or had raised his hand in panic. Yet others shut their eyes and ignored him completely.

Yan Qingsang slowly got to his feet beneath their scrutiny.

He cleared his throat in an exaggerated fashion...

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