Chapter 1668: The Start of the Contest

Even Yan Qingsang had offered to pay fifty million stones. Yan Zhenhuai could afford to front the rest. Determination flashed through through the eyes of the house’s leading genius.

“I’ve underestimated you, Qingsang. I’ll pay the other fifty million!” He looked over at the others, giving them a last opportunity to chip in. Even if they were going to lose, he hoped the youths of House Yan could be more proactive.

To his disappointment, Yan Jinnan had his eyes fixed on the ceiling while Yan Xinmei had been battered out of her senses. One of the two other youths was staring at the cups on the table, and the other had closed his eyes like he was meditating.

Yan Zhenhuai was rendered speechless by their denial of the reality.

He didn’t used to think much of Yan Qingsang, but it was turning out the latter was one of the more dependable ones among the younger generation. At least he knew to look...

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