Chapter 1667: Facing Off With Pill Dao

The young people present felt their blood heat up at Ziju Min’s words. Geniuses of Yan Zhenhuai’s caliber however, maintained their composure. The latter’s only reaction was a slight raise of the eyebrow. A hint of perplexity, and just that.

In the end, martial dao dominated the mainstream.

In the Ten Divine Nations, martial geniuses were the most welcomed kind. Many such geniuses were predisposed for pill dao greatness, of course, but basically none had made it to the peak of both categories.

This didn’t mean that pill dao was unpopular in the divine nations though. Pill masters were quite prominent in their own right.

Because there were so many martial experts and so few pill ones, many cultivators who couldn't attain peak in the former often considered pivoting to the latter. Unfortunately, pill dao wasn’t something that could simply be picked up.

In fact, it emphasized heritage even more than martial dao did. Without heritage or tutelage, it was difficult to achieve much of anything...

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