Chapter 1666: Two Great Seniors

Two ancient scrolls? And they were both fakes?

Well this was a rather laughable spectacle. If there was no sincerity behind the presents, why give them in the first place? Giving out fakes… had that been intentional?

Jiang Chen found it odd as well. The glance had been directed at House Yan, but who was stupid enough here to give out fake scrolls? He recalled the handing over of presents a moment ago. Only Yan Jinnan’s boxes had been large enough to contain scrolls.

Everyone else looked at Yan Jinnan, who bristled all over.

“Impossible! The scrolls I gave were chosen after a very long time of browsing in the capital! How could they be fake?” Yan Jinnan didn’t dare shout too loudly. He roared at his own table in a low voice instead.

“Brother Yan Zhenhuai, so it seems the fake scrolls came from a scion of House Yan.” One of the Xiahou youths glared coldly at Yan Zhenhuai.

Yan Zhenhuai’s eyes flashed with fury. He was different from the others and didn’t come to a quick, easy conclusion....

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