Chapter 1664: Foremost Genius of House Yan

Six of House Yan’s young geniuses had been invited to the birthday banquet. Yan Qingsang ranked among the bottom, with only Yan Jinnan at his level. The other scions of House Yan were stronger than him.

Being the outsider he was, Yan Qingsang travelled by himself, bringing Jiang Chen to House Xiahou’s manor on his own, rather than go with the other youths.

House Xiahou had several manors in the capital. Most of the younger generation resided in Green Lotus Manor. Although the neighborhood around the manor wasn’t the most prosperous in the capital, it was the most prestigious. Almost all top tier factions had a house or manor here.

Green Lotus Manor was bustling with activity. It was festooned with lamps and decorations, creating a magnificent atmosphere. It seemed more like a festival than a simple birthday celebration.

Yan Qingsang handed the invitation to the guard at the door. He was let inside without any questioning,...

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