Chapter 1662: The Elder Is Stunned

Though Yan Qingsang looked a bit too flippant sometimes, he was strangely stubborn on the most particular of matters. Especially on the topic of House Xiahou, he was unrepentant and uncooperative. This was evident from his conduct back at the Jade Revel Lodge.

When he’d first heard of family feud, his first instinct was to oppose it. He hated House Xiahou to the bone, and found it absolutely unacceptable he would have to attend a birthday party for one of its daughters. Furthermore, he would be obliged to give away pieces of his valuable ancient jade?

There was an immense psychological hurdle here.

“Grandfather, House Xiahou is far too oppressive a faction. Haven’t they bullied us enough? Are we supposed to go lick their boots too?” Yan Qingsang’s tone was a bit too aggressive in light of his frustration.

“Ah, kid, when will you get rid of your bad habit?” Yan Wanjun’s voice was filled with a deep helplessness.

That his grandson’s nature was so immovable, especially when it came to House Xiahou, was a source of perpetual headaches for...

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