Chapter 1661: Elder Wanjun

“Grandson Qingsang is here to greet grandfather.” Yan Qingsang was casual and true to himself before his grandfather.

Yan Wanjun sighed inwardly. One of his sons was of mediocre talent, the other locked in Boundless Prison, and his only grandson had grown up to be headstrong and tactless because of his indulgence.

But now, his grandson had proven himself in the jade festival.

“You’ve done me proud, Qingsang. Those in the family who like to criticize you won’t be able to find faults with you now, haha!” Yan Wanjun’s expression turned smug. He was the one who’d vehemently argued for Yan Qingsang to go to Bluesmoke with the other youths.

Before the departure, it was greatly debated if Yan Qingsang should be allowed to go. Many elders believed that he was too stubborn, blunt, and inflexible. He was unlikely to play well with the others and could be an unstable factor in the group.

In fact, what Yan Qingsang had done in the Jade Revel Lodge did indeed prove their concerns co...

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