Chapter 1660: Entrusting Jiang Chen

Ling Bi’er was an introverted girl. She’d begun to ponder the question ever since Huang’er’s initial revelation. There hadn’t been many that both girls had seen. Aside from House Yan’s scions, there were only two.

One was Sir Shao Yuan; the other, his student.

These two had stayed in the airboat the entire way. She’d seen them around; though they hadn’t chatted, Ling Bi’er’s instincts told her that it had to be him.

“Sister Bi’er, everyone said that you were the smartest at the Regal Pill Palace. You definitely live up to the reputation!”

Ling Bi’er’s breathing became ragged, her expression tensing. Though she was very much interested in the subject at hand, she didn’t want Huang’er to misunderstand.

Huang’er extended a light hand, gripping the other girl’s palm in her own. She felt the faint sensation of cool sweat.

“Big sister Bi’er, you aren’t mad at me for sticking my nose in, are you? Your junior brother only wanted to make sure you didn’t have to marry someone you don’t like. He didn’t want you to be stuck in a foreign land.”

“I… no, I’m truly grateful.”...

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