Chapter 1659: The Two Girls’ Thoughts

At last, all eyes focused on the patriarch. Everyone knew that he made the final call in the end.

“Elder Liang,” House Yan’s patriarch ruminated. “You’ve been stationed near Cloud Camel Mountain for the past few years. How sure are you of a spirit vein there?”

“Patriarch, I’ve been researching that mountain and the surrounding geography for a while now. I’m certain there is a spirit vein in that mountain. However, I’m not talented enough to connect all the dots and come up with conclusive evidence. If I had it, I would present it at the earliest opportunity for your judgment!”

There were many elders in House Yan, each with their own responsibilities. Elder Liang was in charge of managing Cloud Camel Mountain and its surrounding demesnes.

“How many others in Eternal Divine Nation will be able to survey it, do you think?” House Yan’s patriarch inquired in a low voice.

“I don’t want to pass an inaccurate judgment, but I’d wager not more than five. We can’t invite any of them, though. They’ll take possession...

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