Chapter 1658: Senior Executives of House Yan

Not long after, Jiang Chen followed Yan Qingsang to House Yan’s headquarters.

Almost all of the senior executives had gathered in the main hall, including the patriarch, the venerated elders, and more than a hundred clan elders. The only exceptions were the ones otherwise preoccupied or in closed door cultivation.

More than a hundred pairs of sharp eyes landed on Jiang Chen as he walked in. The focus of their strong auras shifted to him almost in unison. Some of them were terrifyingly powerful.

“Yan Qingsang is here to greet the patriarch, the various venerated elders, and clan elders. This is my brother, Shao Yuan.” Yan Qingsang greeted them all respectfully and introduced Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen immediately walked up and offered extremely courteously, “This jianghu wanderer is Shao Yuan. Greetings, patriarch of House Yan, venerated elders, and elders.” He could make this kind of rote introduction in his sleep.

He kept his head down, feeling...

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