Chapter 1657: A Safe Return

Jiang Chen remained seated in the boat. As a guest, he was in no place to interfere without his host’s say so. Unlike in the human domain, his martial dao was nothing to boast about in the Ten Divine Nations. He wasn’t that much stronger than the average cultivators here.

It was better to lay low for the time being. There was no need for him to become involved in the conflict between House Yan and other factions. And, it was also apparent that Yan Qingsang was much more furious than he was.

Without Elder He and Elder Quan’s orders however, a fuming Yan Qingsang could only remain put as well. He knew that he would only make things worse by leaving the boat.

Outside, Elder He conversed patiently with the man from the Starlight Sect. He was showing more than enough deference to the sect. The shocking news that’d been freshly delivered had shaken the two elders, pulling the rug out from beneath them.

“We’re in Eternal Divine Nation territory, my friend. House Yan hasn’t trespassed into the Starlight Sect’s forbidden ground. No authority will consider the sect justified in stopping our airboat. Aren’t you worried about punishment from the royal family?”

“Cut the nonsense. The Starlight Sect is entitled to intercept any airboats passing through our territory.”...

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