Chapter 1655: Eternal Divine Nation

House Yan held a brief family meeting once they returned to their temporary residence. They decided to leave Bluesmoke after five days. The youths in the family could use the time to stroll around Miracle City. They could also process the ore they’d acquired in the festival to uncover more value.

Other than Yan Qingsang, none of the members of House Yan had gained all that much in the festival. The ancient jade they’d acquired was far from top-notch. Therefore, there wasn’t a need for them to go to the ancient jade market. Instead, they visited brothels such as Jade Revel Lodge every day.

The geniuses were used to keeping a tight leash on themselves when they were within their clan. Being in a different land and environment gave them an opportunity to do whatever they wanted.

Yan Qingsang, on the other hand, was very disciplined. He didn’t go to the brothels. Instead, he dragged Jiang Chen to the ancient jade market every day.

That earned him Jiang Chen’s respect. Yan Qingsang...

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