Chapter 1654: To the Satisfaction of All

This turn of events had made a farce out of the tournament.

If it’d been a female wandering cultivator dressed as a man, Bluesmoke wouldn’t have showed such restraint. Their first reaction would be to take the imposter in. This was an affront to their authority.

However, Huang’er was from the Ten Divine Nations. The royal family had to keep up a polite front, no matter how infuriated they were.

A starved camel was still bigger than a healthy horse. Despite House Yan’s declining influence, it was still one of the great factions of the Ten Divine Nations. It was unwise to make enemies of such a faction unless the situation necessitated it.

Fortunately, the two elders from House Yan appeared to be friendly, and they’d showed up in time to stop the charade from going any further. If Huang’er’s identity was revealed only after a marriage was arranged, Bluesmoke Isles would truly become the laughingstock of the world.

“Elders, Miss...

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