Chapter 1653: I’ll Marry Her

There was an uproar at the news that Princess Bi was going to pick her bridegroom. The eight young geniuses could scarcely mask their excitement. Were they the favored one? Was that why the princess was making her choice early?

Every cultivator was immensely confident in himself. Each of the eight present believed that he was the princess’ only choice.

Huang’er was no exception.

However, her confidence stemmed from the feeling that Ling Bi’er was making her choice based on ‘Mu Gaoqi’, rather than her charisma.

The imperial family was overjoyed. Seven out of the eight geniuses here were from the Ten Divine Nations. One was a wandering cultivator, but the seven-to-one likelihood was small enough to ignore. They didn’t believe that Princess Bi would be blind enough to pick a wandering cultivator.

Such a thing was basically impossible as humans had the tendency to head for higher ground.

Princess Bi was no fool. Wouldn’t she like a dao partner from the Ten Divine Nations? Wouldn’t that elevate her to greater...

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