Chapter 1652: Meeting With No Resistance

Huang’er hadn’t entered the arena out of fleeting interest, nor was she here just to play. Unrestricted, she crushed the competition in the preliminaries. Many who were envious of her handsome face went up to insult her, only to be swept off in a matter of seconds.

Her swift and tempestuous termination of her challengers intimidated the rest into inaction. However, the imperial family was quite displeased at her incredible performance. Huang’er’s momentum was so fierce that a clean sweep of everyone seemed inevitable. This was entirely unwanted.

They had set up this event in order to foster relationships with the Ten Divine Nations’ geniuses. They weren’t planning on marrying off the princess off to a wandering cultivator!

The fellow was certainly extremely handsome and talented, but his self-proclaimed status as a jianghu wanderer gave the imperials a headache. That was just another name for a wandering cultivator!

The Bluesmoke...

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