Chapter 1651: Huang’er’s Move Out of the Blue

A mess of emotions swirled in Jiang Chen’s heart. He was excited, thrilled, happy, and guilty.

There had only been a handful of people he was close to when he’d been in the Regal Pill Palace. Palace Head Dan Chi was one. Mu Gaoqi and Elder Yun Nie others as well. There were at most ten people he had a close relationship with, the Ling sisters included.

Ling Bi’er was as important to him as Mu Gaoqi. Even though their relationship had never been anything but platonic, she’d been his best female friend at the time. He enjoyed talking to her the most; they were on the same wavelength.

Ling Bi’er was usually quiet and difficult to approach, but he knew through their interactions that a caring heart burned beneath her cold appearance. From her love for his father, her protectiveness of her little sister, and her loyalty to her sect, it was clear that emotions ran deep.

He was...

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