Chapter 1650: It’s Her?!

Over the years in the Bluesmoke Isles, Ling Bi’er had improved rapidly in martial dao, thanks to an admittedly large amount of resources from the royal family. She was never completely at ease, but she was grateful to the emperor.

Even after she had found out about the emperor’s true intentions, she couldn’t find it in herself to hate him. After all, she’d been saved by the royal family and had gained a lot from them. She wasn’t the ungrateful sort who would bite the hand that fed her.

Even though she was vehemently against the tournament for her hand, she didn’t resent the royal family as a result. She was a clever woman. She put her mind to finding solution once she’d calmed down.

What Jia-gonggong said made a lot of sense. It wouldn’t do her any good to disobey the royal family and embarrass them now. She had to cooperate with them to some extent during the tournament.

Should the winner be a cultivator from the Ten Divine Nations,...

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