Chapter 1648: A Martial Competition for a Hand in Marriage

House Yan’s contingent had planned on returning to the Eternal Divine Nation right after the jade festival. However, its younger generation was champing at the bit to participate in the princess consort selection. The rewards were quite handsome.

The elders conferred among themselves before coming to a decision. Because nothing untoward had happened during the jade festival, another few days weren’t going to hurt. Why not let the youngsters enjoy themselves in the coming festivities?

If one of them managed to take the princess home with him, so much the better. After all, none of the geniuses who’d come to the jade festival were top talents in the house, apart from Huang’er.

They weren't really eligible to intermarry with the other great houses. If a marriage could be arranged with a second-rate faction like Bluesmoke, the union would offer a psychological and material advantage. Whyever not?

The Bluesmoke Isles played up the atmosphere as much as possible. The process of picking the bridegroom was one of the most disappointingly common—via a martial tournament.


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