Chapter 1647: The Princess Looks for a Consort

After a rather roundabout circuit of conversation, Elder He came to the crucial question with a chuckle. “Brother Shao Yuan, it’s a shame that you're a mere wandering cultivator with your talent. Since you and Qingsang get along so fabulously, we would like to invite you to join House Yan. It will be beneficial to your development if you do.”

They had finally come to the most important topic.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “Honorable elders, I’ve always admired the Ten Divine Nations. My cultivation simply hasn’t offered me a good advancement opportunity until now. Therefore, I am thankful for your courteous invitation. May I ask though, what role would I be joining the house in?

“I have no interest to do so as a servant of any kind, but I might consider it as a guest expert or advisor.” These words were actually a way of advancing in the form of retreat. 

The two elders exchanged a look. Despite his honest and simple appearance, this young man was difficult to fool. They...

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