Chapter 1646: A Bet Won and A Future Planned

“Apologies, Elder Geng. We have no obligation to do as you say.”

“Agreed. We already asked around ourselves. No one in our family has crossed paths with Xiahou Xi.”

“Doaist Geng, most of the houses from Sunrise Divine Nation had no contact with him either. A few did see him hours ago, but he was secretive and appeared to be avoiding others.”

“Let it go, Doaist Geng. It’s an event with thousands of people. A few accidents were bound to happen.”

The loss hadn’t happened to them, naturally they weren’t taking it seriously. Death wasn’t a problem as long as it happened to other people. That was how the martial dao world had always been.

Casualties in other factions were none of their concern. They would sooner mock House Xiahou for their misfortune than worry for them. 

After all, the Ten Divine Nations weren’t a united front. Conflicts and rivalry between them meant that the web of relationships was a delicate one. Many...

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