Chapter 1645: Falling and Consequences

Someone ensnared by the Nine Labyrinth Formation would find it extremely difficult to escape. With Jiang Chen’s current level of control, it was capable of trapping experts up to third level empyrean realm.

Xiahou Xi was only a half-step empyrean genius. Cultivation-wise, he was barely stronger than his peak great emperor peers like Yan Qingsang and Yan Jinnan.

What did Jiang Chen have to fear from an enemy like this? He’d already seen many empyrean experts in his travels. Furthermore, he had defeated them several times back in the human domain.

A genius like Xiahou Xi wasn’t worthy of standing before Jiang Chen.

The former’s fate was sealed when the formation started contracting. Though he could avoid one or two arrows, he couldn’t avoid a steady stream of them.

Having no time to even shriek, Xiahou Xi was hit by an arrow in a flash of light. In the next moment, he burst like a bubble into nothingness. Only a storage ring remained, clinking...

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