Chapter 1644: From Arrogance to Humility, Cutting a Contemptuous Figure

Xiahou Xi, die here?

The young man in question was slightly surprised, but Yan Qingsang was positively stupefied. Were his ears working right?

Get rid of Xiahou Xi, in this isolated place?

The idea stimulated his imagination and made his blood boil. His anger made his thoughts take an evil turn. Still, although it was an invigorating prospect to think about… but was it truly possible?

Yan Qingsang mulled it over. If Brother Shao Yuan was stronger than him—if he was roughly equal to Xiahou Xi—then he might just tip the scales enough in favor of their victory.

It was a small chance, in theory. Perhaps too small to gamble on. His fury receded at these second thoughts. If there wasn’t a good chance of pulling it off, the risk wasn’t worth it.

If Xiahou Xi didn't die here, there would inevitably be another round of verbal sparring outside. House Xiahou’s current dominant position would lead to a renewed attack on House Yan. Though Yan Qingsang was often a straight-shooter, he...

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