Chapter 1643: Encounter on a Narrow Path

Though they were underground in a cramped space, that was no issue at all for the pair of lovebirds. Just being together was a happy luxury.

They knew that their current circumstances made such companionship rare. After the month was up, they would go back to the way they were before. Because of this, they considered the time they spent together nothing short of priceless.

Jiang Chen spent twenty-four days underground with Huang’er. He didn't slack on his cultivation during this time and so his strength saw a noticeable increase despite the short timeframe.

After realizing Jiang Chen’s change, Huang’er attained a new understanding of his martial dao capabilities. He was truly an extraordinary individual. Perhaps he really would trample Xiahou Zong underfoot—the entirety of House Xiahou, in fact.

Brother Chen hadn’t fully perfected his strength yet. In the Ten Divine Nations, someone like him wasn’t worthy of being mentioned. But his martial...

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