Chapter 1642: Endless Love

Huang’er listened with rapt attention. Her heart leapt to her throat when Jiang Chen relayed his experiences on Winterdraw Island. She felt both pride and heartache for her beloved. He had overcome so many difficulties and dangers to come to her. How could she not be moved?

“Oh right, Huang’er, didn’t you estimate that it’d take decades for you to reach half-step empyrean? What’s caused the dramatic growth in your cultivation after only a few years?” That was what Jiang Chen was most curious about.

“Brother Chen, after returning to my family, there wasn’t a day when I didn’t miss you greatly, so I threw myself into cultivation. For some reasons, I progressed at an unusual rate. Before I knew it, I had broken through great emperor and reached half-step empyrean.”

Jiang Chen mused, “Your parents must be of remarkable bloodlines, and they passed down the best heritage to you. That’s why you have an unparalleled natural talent in martial dao.”

Even he marveled at the speed in which she had improved.

“Your cultivation has grown quickly...

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