Chapter 1641: Lovers Finally Reunite

It wasn't the ancient jade festival nor the impending competition with the Ten Divine Nations’ geniuses that he most looked forward to. It was Huang’er. He had done all this solely for her sake.

He was at the jade festival solely for a legitimate excuse to meet with her. He’d done a great deal for this chance.

For her part, Huang’er had also intuited he would be here. Though she hadn’t originally planned to come, she had specially requested it.

“Honored guests, the area we are opening this time is unprecedentedly large. You are free to go anywhere within a ten-thousand-mile radius. Anything dug up will belong to you and you alone. The Bluesmoke Isles will not take a cut from it.

“Of course, there are many competitors in the ancient jade festival as well. Conflict is unavoidable, but I must remind all of you: any death or injuries sustained are your responsibility. Bluesmoke offers only this arena of activity and does not bear responsibility for what you do here. We can only request that you bow to reason and avoid any murderous clashes.”

These words were meant...

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