Chapter 1640: Yellow Dragon Ridge

“I’ll take that bet too!” 

Yan Qingsang was patently quite good at provoking people. Yan Jinnan’s agreement was met with a flurry of responses from the other two geniuses on his side. All of them could afford the ten million, though it would be a big hit to their personal finances if they lost.

Yan Qingsang cackled. “Sure, no problem. I’m glad you’re all generously contributing to my pocket funds.”

“Don’t busy yourself with boasting yet, Yan Qingsang,” Yan Jinnan snickered. “If we include Huang’er, there are four people betting against you. Do you even have forty million?”

“What’re you worried about? Any betting defaults between house members are sorted out by family rules.” Yan Qingsang shied away from saying that he didn’t. “Plus, I’m more worried that you won’t be able to afford it!”

Yan Jinnan slammed a table. “I don’t want empty promises. If you want to bet, take out your spirit stones to show us. We won’t take anything else as proof.”

“Yes, yes, show us the stones!” The other two chimed in noisily as well.

Huang’er smiled faintly at the developing scene. “If you’re all betting, then...

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