Chapter 164: Old Man Fei’s Grievous and Sad History

Chapter 164: Old Man Fei’s Grievous and Sad History

A bout of qi surged out and knocked off the cauldron cover. Smoke roiled and billowed from the interior of the cauldron, full of a strong sense of medicine.

Jiang Chen’s brow creased faintly. The stinging smell that assaulted his nose made his heart sink.

Although he’d never refined the Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill in his past life, he knew that if this pill was successful, it would be embodied with the presence of a dragon swallowing the heavens. It would absolutely not be like this.

Indeed, when the completed pill appeared, Jiang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Looking at its black and dull appearance, Jiang Chen knew that this pill was trash.

It wasn’t even a half finished product, much less a finished product. No one would likely even pick it up even if he left it by the side of the street.

“Completely in accordance with my expectations, the first attempt was a failure.”

Jiang Chen was in no hurry to start the second attempt. He sat cross-legged, adjusted the true qi within his body, and went over the entire refining process.

Every detail and step went through his mind like a movie.

“Theoretically speaking, none of my steps had been wrong, so where had it gone wrong?” Jiang Chen meditated and...

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