Chapter 1639: Huang’er’s Anger

The atmosphere froze. Qingsang scoffed at the long face Yan Jinnan pulled. It was quite a satisfying sight.

Yan Qingsang and Huang’er had the same grandfather. That made them cousins—closer on the family tree. He was sympathetic to his cousin’s plight, but her fate had been decided by the patriarch of the clan and their grandfather.

Though he pitied her, he didn’t have a say in anything. He also knew that Yan Jinnan was asking for humiliation himself in provoking Huang’er. House Yan had plenty of geniuses. Yan Jinnan was nowhere near the top. How dare he have a go at Huang’er?

If Huang’er hadn’t been cursed by destiny, she would be the most remarkable genius in the family. Not even Yan Zhenhuai would be able to outshine her. What the hell was a mere Yan Jinnan?

Jiang Chen secretly cheered on Huang’er. This was a side of her he hadn’t seen before. When they were together, Huang’er had been polite to everyone. She rarely grew angry, let alone glare coldly and deliver threats. He admired her assertiveness.

He cautiously...

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