Chapter 1637: Zither Music Through the Walls

Buying and processing raw ores was a time-consuming task. Naturally, Yan Qingsang returned long after Yan Jinnan and his cronies had. Evidently, they’d already lodged complaints about him.

The residence that House Yan’s visitors lived in was shrouded with displeasure. Wherever Yan Qingsang looked, he found faces with dark expressions. As a temporary sidekick, Jiang Chen feigned unease as well. In truth, he’d never been more excited in his entire life.

He had a feeling that he and Huang’er were right under each other’s noses. The sensation of being unable to acknowledge each other made his heart beat faster. He was anxious and sorrowful all at once.

“Who is this, Qingsang?” One of the house elders furrowed his brow further when he saw a stranger being brought in.

“Elder He, this is a friend I’ve made here. We get along pretty well and I’ve learned much about ancient jade from him. I invited him back so I can learn more.” Yan Qingsang fashioned an even-handed reply.

He had taken a softer approach back at Jade Revel Lodge for the...

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