Chapter 1636: Completing the First Step of the Goal

Yan Qingsang handled payment. He hadn’t interfered at all while Jiang Chen was selecting the ores. Once they left the shop, he asked calmly, “Do you think there’s any ancient jade among these ores?”

“The possibility is very high,” Jiang Chen answered with a smile. “If you don’t believe me, we can go have them appraised.”

He’d picked the ores with great care. There might not be a hidden treasure of the kind he’d discovered in Oriole Valley, but he believed there was at least one ancient jade with heritage in the batch.

“Come then.” Yan Qingsang wasn’t one to waste time on talking.

They entered another shop. It took many steps to appraise an ore, which wasn’t something they could do manually.

A formation designed to process the ores was needed to peel away the surface. It required a professional’s delicate approach throughout. One mistake was all it took to compromise the ore’s structure and destroy the ancient jade. Therefore, not everyone could process an ore on their own....

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