Chapter 1635: Approaching Proactively

Jiang Chen couldn’t bear to see Yan Jinnan’s deferential attitude, but it wasn’t his place to interfere. Instead, he focused his gaze upon the thin youth. This House Yan scion was evidently being forced against his will. 

A single round of toasts later, the youth put his cup down and raised a cupped fist salute. “Friends, I have a few matters to attend to. Please excuse me.” He motioned to leave as soon as he finished saying this farewell.

Yan Jinnan’s face darkened. “What are you doing, Qingsang?”

The lanky youth’s name was Yan Qingsang. As a young genius of his house, his position was possibly even lower than Yan Jinnan’s. His heart was in the right place though, and he was a straightforward sort. He couldn’t stand Yan Jinnan’s obsequious behavior and thus was taking his leave early.

“Brother Jinnan, I haven’t felt well these past few days. Perhaps my inner demons are attacking me. Please suffer this small indiscretion and allow me to return and rest.” Yan Qingsang was filled with a bellyful of displeasure, but he knew this...

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